Sunny view of Erie Station across the pond


Gosling swimming next to its mother in a pond. Photo credit: Erick Todd

Erie Station Village’s Canadian Geese

July 2021   If you’ve spent any time around our pond and the trail that goes around it (and we hope you have), you’ve likely…

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Living room with coffee table. Image credit: Level 23

Choosing the Right Coffee Table

June 2021 When it comes to furnishing their apartment’s living room, people tend to focus most on sofas and chairs. But the coffee table is…

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Young boy wearing swimming goggles in a pool. Image credit Porapak Apichodilok

Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

June 2021 As the school year ends, parents everywhere will face that annual challenge of how to keep their little ones occupied. It will probably…

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Photo of container garden on a patio

Apartment Container Gardening

May 2021 Just because you live in an apartment or townhouse doesn’t mean you can’t be a gardener. And based on our local growing season,…

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Young girl peeking out of a large cardboard box. Photo credit: Cottonbro

Cardboard Box + Child = Fun

May 2021 You can’t live in Rochester, have kids, and not know about the Strong Museum. But did you know that one of the inductees…

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Man sitting at a table working on his computer. Image credit: Zen Chung

Managing Zoom Burnout

April 2021 If your apartment has become your office, you’ve probably been on countless Zoom calls over the past year. And while the platform has…

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Woman holding a cup of coffee. Image credit Kristina Paukshtite

How and When to Clean Your Coffee Maker

April 2020 Is your coffee maker the first thing you unpacked when you moved into your apartment? Are you pretty much unable to function until…

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Fertilize Houseplants FB

It’s Time to Fertilize Your Houseplants

March 2021 The arrival of spring means it’s time to fertilize your houseplants. If you already fertilize, you probably know that it’s better not to…

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Colorful pillows on a living room couch. Photo credit: Terje Sollie

Creating a Color Palette

March 2021 When decorating an apartment, some people opt for whatever the trendiest colors of the moment are. While that works, living with a trend…

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Woman laying on a sofa reading a book. Image credit: cottonbro

Picking the Most Comfortable Sofa for You

February 2021 When people shop for furniture they start by evaluating their options in two ways. Do I like the way it looks? And is…

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Veterinarian examining a dogs paw. Photo credit Tima Miroshnichenko

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

February 2021 The first pet insurance policy in the United States was issued to Lassie, the famous Collie that had her own television show. At…

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Photo of woman taking a photo with a DSLR camera in a forest. Photo credit: David Bartus

Why You Need a Hobby

January 2021 Having a hobby isn’t just about filling your time to keep from getting bored. It can provide a brief “vacation” for your mind…

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