Sunny view of Erie Station across the pond


Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies FB

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

August 2020 If you’re looking to get rid of fruit flies, you may be wondering how you got them in the first place. Fruit flies…

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Talking To Kids About Moving FB

Talking to Kids About Moving

August 2020 A child’s home is their world – the world they associate with family, love, routine, and safety. The phrase “we’re moving” threatens to…

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Woman looking out window. Photo credit: Joshua Rawson-Harris

Use This 1-Minute Meditation to Settle Your Mind

July 2020 Anyone can meditate and everyone should. With the many stresses we face today, there’s never been a better time to take up meditation….

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Encore Salon interior

VIP Program Spotlight: Encore Salon

July 2020 Finding a full range of salon and spa treatments in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere is easy…if you know about Encore Salon. Located…

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Stacked coins with plants growing from their tops

Easy Ways to Save on Utilities

What would you do with an extra $20 or $30 at the end of each month. Treat yourself to a nice dinner, buy supplies for…

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Woman writes in journal

Tips for a Happy and Peaceful Apartment

We spend a lot of time in our homes. For many people, their apartment is their safe space, their escape from the pressures and demands…

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Fresh Spring Salad

Fresh Spring Salads

One of our favorite things about springtime is the opportunity to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to our plates. Lush greens, colorful fruits, and…

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Man working out in living room

Home Workout Your Neighbors Won’t Mind

It’s difficult to stay fit, healthy, and strong when you’re social distancing inside your apartment or townhome. Gyms are shut down and you’re forced to…

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Indoor planter with peace lilly

7 Houseplants for Your Health

Houseplants are the ultimate accessory in decorating an apartment. Some well-placed greenery can brighten a space and clean the air you breathe. Apartment living often…

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Front door with welcome mat and potted plants

Doorstep Décor

With the change of seasons, comes an itch for a change in activities, wardrobe, and home décor. In most apartment and townhome communities, there’s a…

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Two women talking and laughing

Being a Good Neighbor

Whether you’re passing each other in the hallway or you stop to say “hello” to someone in the parking lot, living in an apartment community…

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Lamps of different style

Picking the Perfect Lamp

Lamps are like jewelry: they’re not the main attraction, but they can make or break the look. Their light keeps us from tripping over furniture…

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