Sunny view of Erie Station across the pond


Diagram showing how to fold a fitted sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

August 2022   It’s probably the trickiest maneuver of all when it comes to laundry. Most people just roll or awkwardly fold their fitted sheets…

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Image from a postcard featuring the Henrietta Union School from approximately 1908

Fun Historical Facts About Henrietta

August 2022   If you live at Erie Station Village, you know there’s a lot to love about Henrietta. But how much do you know…

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Bunches of bananas at a grocery store. Image credit: Jonathan Cooper

Ripen Bananas Faster & Keep Them Fresh Longer

July 2022   Who doesn’t love bananas? They’re a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. And they’re super tasty. If you’re…

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Electric vehicle charging station at Erie Station Village. Image Credit: Peter Infante

EV Charging Etiquette

July 2022   More people are switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric. If you’ve ever thought about getting an EV, you should know that Erie…

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Sparsely appointed desk. Image credit: Andrew Neel

Minimalism for Beginners

June 2022   Minimalism can show up in many different ways. You can have a minimalist style of décor in your apartment or townhome. You…

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Round dining table with four chairs. Image credit: Erika Wittlieb

What Dining Table Shape is Right for You?

  June 2022   Square, round, oval, rectangle… these are the most common shapes you’ll find in dining tables. So, why exactly would you choose…

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Jar of picked red onions

Why You Need to Make Pickled Red Onions

May 2022   Once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without pickled red onions. Their vinegary, zippy taste adds a savory…

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Decorative candle, vase, and small sign that says "stay well." Image credit: Skylar Kang

Removing Candle Wax

May 2022   There’s something soothing and magical about candles. It could be having the lights low, the dancing flame, or maybe the scent. Whatever…

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Woman changing a vacuum cleaner bag. Image credit: Cottonbro

5 Cleaning Habits You Should Stop

April 2022   If you ever feel bad for not cleaning your apartment or townhome, here are 5 cleaning habits you can feel good about…

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Kids playing with toys on the couch while a parent works on their laptop and a dog watches. Image credit: Cottonbro

How to Reduce Toy Clutter

April 2022 If your apartment or townhome occasionally looks more like more toy store than a home, we have 5 simple tips that will help…

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Man wiping down the outside of a microwave oven. Image credit: Rodnae Productions

The Easy Way to Clean Your Microwave

March 2022   Your microwave is probably one of the most used appliances in your apartment. But since microwaves heat food so quickly, things can…

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Plant cutting being rooted in water. Image credit: Kulbir

Easy Plants to Grow from Clippings

March 2022   Getting new houseplants for your apartment or townhome doesn’t always mean a trip to the garden store. There are many plants that…

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