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Cat laying on its back in a cardboard box. Image credit: Arina Krasnikova

Make Your Cat Happy with Boxes

May 2024   Cats and cardboard boxes are a match made in feline heaven. If you’ve ever left an empty box lying around, you’ve probably…

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Woman holding a small dog's paws in her hands. Image credit: Shane

5 Reasons to Clip Your Dog’s Nails & How to Do It

March 2023   As a devoted dog owner, you’re likely familiar with the basics of pet care: feeding, bathing, and regular visits to the vet….

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Box of 20 Mule Team Borax. Image credit: 20 Mule Team Borax.

Putting Borax to Use in Your Apartment

February 2024   There was a time when pretty much every household kept borax in the laundry room. It was commonly used to brighten laundry…

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Thin shirts hanging on slim hangers in a closet. Image credit: Thirdman.

Five Ways to Fit More in Your Closet

February 2024   When we designed and built Erie Station Village, we went out of our way to include big closets. Some units even have…

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Old fashioned coffee grinder and coffee bean storage containers at Union Place Coffee Roasters. Image credit: Union Place Coffee Roasters.

VIP Program Spotlight: Union Place Coffee Roasters

January 2024   There’s something special about walking into Union Place Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop and roaster in the Genesee Valley Regional Market on Jefferson…

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Fire extinguisher in a kitchen.

The Beginner’s Guide to Fire Extinguishers

January 2024   When it comes to safety in your apartment or townhome, one of the most crucial tools you can have is a fire…

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A white cat sleeping flat on its back with its paws up. Image credit: Gokhan Konyali

Decoding Your Cat’s Sleeping Positions

December 2023   At Erie Station Village, we love cats… and all pets. That’s why we’re pet-friendly. We think pets enhance our lives. And the…

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Gallery wall of many different decorative mirrors. Image credit: Elina Sazonova

Decorating with Mirrors: Enhance Your Space with Reflection and Light

December 2023   Mirrors are more than just tools for checking your appearance; they’re versatile design elements that can transform any room in your apartment…

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Three potted succulents. Image credit: Esther Loewen.

3 Simple Rules for Growing Succulents

November 2023   Succulents have seen a big increase in popularity as houseplants. It might be because of their quirky shapes and varied textures. And…

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Woman washing a bowl with a sponge. Image credit RDNE Stock Project

4 Ways to Clean a Sponge – and When to Replace It

November 2023   At Erie Station Village, our apartments and townhomes have well-appointed kitchens that will make cooking at home a joy. Of course, with…

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Woman napping on a sofa with her dog. Image credit: Jep Gambardella

How to Make an Old Sofa Look New

  October 2023   Of all the furniture in your Erie Station Village apartment or townhome, it’s your sofa that probably gets the most use….

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Area rugs in a store display. Image credit: iStock

Layering Rugs: 5 Reasons to Do It – 5 Steps to Do It Right

October 2023   Layering rugs started as a trend, but it’s stuck. You can place a smaller area rug on top of a larger one…

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