Pizza from Tony Pepperoni

VIP Program Spotlight: Tony Pepperoni

There seem to be two kinds of pizza lovers in this world: those that get theirs from the big national chains (like Domino’s) and those…

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Are You Vacuuming Wrong?

What could be easier than using a vacuum? Plug it in, turn it on, and run it around your floors. Not so fast, friend. If…

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Young boy holding a cat

Good Things Happen When Kids Care For Cats

At Erie Station Village, we love cats. They aren’t just good company, they can help your children to learn responsibility, improve their motor skills, and…

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How Long Can You Leave Wet Clothes in the Washing Machine?

One of the best things about Erie Station Village is that every apartment and townhouse includes a washer and dry (no more laundromats for you!)….

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Young girl sprinkling toppings on a desert with her mother

Cooking With Your Kids

  If you’ve ever struggled to keep your kids busy while you’re preparing meals, or are looking for ways to reduce their screen time, try…

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Be a Casual Birdwatcher

Fall is a great time of year to be outside and enjoy the park-like setting of Erie Station Village. If you take a walk along…

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VIP Program Spotlight: Union Place Coffee Roasters

If you’re familiar with the Genesee Valley Regional Market on Jefferson Road, you know it’s an eclectic mix of warehouse and retail space with both…

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Woman asleep at computer in home office. Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Avoiding Work From Home Fatigue

      One of the biggest changes that came with the pandemic was the shift to working from home. Many people started out excited…

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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

If you’re looking to get rid of fruit flies, you may be wondering how you got them in the first place. Fruit flies are attracted…

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Talking to Kids About Moving

A child’s home is their world – the world they associate with family, love, routine, and safety. The phrase “we’re moving” threatens to rock that…

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Use This 1-Minute Meditation to Settle Your Mind

Anyone can meditate and everyone should. With the many stresses we face today, there’s never been a better time to take up meditation. The health…

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Encore Salon interior

VIP Program Spotlight: Encore Salon

Finding a full range of salon and spa treatments in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere is easy…if you know about Encore Salon. Located close by…

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