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Woman changing a vacuum cleaner bag. Image credit: Cottonbro

5 Cleaning Habits You Should Stop

April 2022   If you ever feel bad for not cleaning your apartment or townhome, here are 5 cleaning habits you can feel good about…

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Kids playing with toys on the couch while a parent works on their laptop and a dog watches. Image credit: Cottonbro

How to Reduce Toy Clutter

April 2022 If your apartment or townhome occasionally looks more like more toy store than a home, we have 5 simple tips that will help…

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Man wiping down the outside of a microwave oven. Image credit: Rodnae Productions

The Easy Way to Clean Your Microwave

March 2022   Your microwave is probably one of the most used appliances in your apartment. But since microwaves heat food so quickly, things can…

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Plant cutting being rooted in water. Image credit: Kulbir

Easy Plants to Grow from Clippings

March 2022   Getting new houseplants for your apartment or townhome doesn’t always mean a trip to the garden store. There are many plants that…

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Image of woman and her dog

People Food That’s Okay for Dogs

February 2022 It’s no secret that dogs love “people food.” You’re also probably aware that eating some human foods can cause weight and digestion issues….

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Women putting clothes into a dryer. Image credit: Rondae Productions

20 Things You Should Never Put in the Dryer

  February 2022 One of best amenities offered at Erie Station Village is the washer and dryer that’s included with every apartment and townhome. If…

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Featured image of different design styles

Know Your Interior Design Styles

January 2022 What’s modern, and how is it different from Scandinavian? How about farmhouse versus cottage? If you’d like to understand what characterizes some of…

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What Animal Track is That?

January 2022   Even though it’s winter, there are quite a few different critters around Erie Station Village. You’ve probably seen footprints in the snow…

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Chickadee on a branch

Rochester’s Winter Birds

December 2021   There are many area birds that don’t migrate to warmer or more temperate climates for the winter. Most are smaller birds who…

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Woman sitting on a sofa using a phone and laptop. Image: Andrea Piacquadio

Facebook Marketplace Tips

December 2021   Savvy shoppers know you don’t have to buy everything new. And Facebook Marketplace has made it easier than ever for people to…

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10 Things to Never Put in the Washing Machine

10 Things to Never Put in the Washing Machine

November 2021   One of the great things about Erie Station Village is that each of our apartments and townhomes comes with a washer and…

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White cat sitting at the top of a cat tree

Why Your Cat Needs a (Cat) Tree

November 2021   Cats love to have their own space to sleep away the day while their owners are busy at work. They also love a…

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