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VIP Program Spotlight: Union Place Coffee Roasters

Old fashioned coffee grinder and coffee bean storage containers at Union Place Coffee Roasters. Image credit: Union Place Coffee Roasters.

January 2024


There’s something special about walking into Union Place Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop and roaster in the Genesee Valley Regional Market on Jefferson Road. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with comfy chairs and a true sense of community. Union Place Coffee Roasters is owned and run by the DiProspero family who has years of experience in coffee roasting.

They obsess over everything coffee. Sourcing raw coffee beans from socially responsible importers, roasting the perfect batch, and crafting unique blends is a big part of what they do. They roast only 100% Arabica beans in small batches to produce great tasting coffee.

While there are lots of places you could buy your coffee, we think it’s important to choose a locally owned business. When you spend money at local businesses, a larger portion of your money stays in the local economy. And Union Place Coffee Roasters supports other local businesses in the area by purchasing the baked goods, coffee accessories, and specialty food products they sell.

If you never been to Union Place, visit them at 900 Jefferson Road, Building 9, Suite 903. You’ll love their coffee, baked goods, and accessories – as well as their expertise and friendly service. You can also buy their coffee and coffee gift sets on their website.  Best of all, as a VIP Program partner, Erie Station Village residents can get 10% off any purchase. You can also get more details and see our full listing of VIP Program partners here.