Recipe Spotlight: Heart-Healthy Soups

It’s Soup Season!

Thanks to some characteristic New York winter weather, we in Rochester are in full-on hibernation mode. It seems only right that January, a month fraught with frightening wind chills should also be National Soup Month. As the first month of 2019 winds to a close, we’re poised to begin a time of greater health awareness in February, American Heart Month. As the perfect way to dovetail from one month to another, we thought some heart-healthy soups would be a comfort for our residents. Whether you’re faced with the flu or the winter doldrums, we hope these recipes help you feel a bit more comfy and cozy.

Why Soup?

Beyond the fact that it’s a perfect remedy for a frigid day, healthy soup can be good for your heart by filling you up with relatively few calories. So long as you find a recipe that’s low in sodium and fat, your heart will thank you – especially if your favorite soup is packed with vegetables. In addition to the health benefits, soup is so versatile that, with a few base recipes under your belt, it’s easy to keep your diet fresh and filling all winter long!

Heart-Healthy Chicken Soup

Everyone needs a go-to chicken soup. This particular recipe is low in sodium and creates a great base to which you can add noodles, spinach, grains, basil, or ginger. Chicken provides a lean protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. Just be sure to do away with the skin.

Homestyle Turkey Soup

This hearty soup by the Mayo Clinic provides a delicious alternative to chicken. Chock full of veggies, it features heart-healthy beans, barley, and tomatoes. To limit the sodium content, this recipe uses low-sodium chicken broth and unsalted canned tomatoes.

Vegetable, Lentil & Garbanzo Bean Stew

This vegan stew is a one-pot meal. The savory blend of squash, carrots, and spices makes this a true winter warmer. Serve it up with chopped peanuts and cilantro on top for a burst of fresh flavor.