Recipe Spotlight: Beef on Weck


What it is

Buffalo’s other favorite food is a touch less well known than the ingenious chicken wing, but it inspires no less pride in Upstate locals. If you’ve had the misfortune of mentioning “beef on wick” to a Buffalonian, you already know this regional New York sandwich is all about the bread. The foundation of the true Buffalo delicacy is the German kummelweck (or maybe kimmelweck) roll, covered with coarse salt and caraway seeds. The meaty part of the meal is a pile of thin-cut, slow-roasted beef, usually cooked rare. Beyond that, forget the frills. Some vendors will give you a scoop of au jus, but the only other essential ingredient is prepared horseradish (straight up, no mayo).

Where to get it

When you’re in town and ready to do as the locals do, you’ll want to head to Charlie the Butcher’s. The Anchor Bar, world famous for the invention of Buffalo Wings, offers the sandwich on its menu of staples. Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub has built a reputation for itself, and Vizzi’s is renowned for generous portions. While you might find potential fixes for your craving gracing menus scattered throughout the country, many a former local will attest that your best bet is to make it yourself.

How to make it

If you want to make an epic beef on weck, the roast is the easy part. Use this legitimate recipe for kummelweck rolls to craft the perfect buns. If your potluck or Bills game is about to kick off, you can cut corners by dressing up regular rolls in the kummelweck style.