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Let Your Cat “Hunt” for Their Food

Cat looking up. Image credit: Krysten Merriman

April 2023


Hey Erie Station Village cat lovers! Want to make mealtime more exciting for your furry friend? How about turning it into a mini hunting expedition? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about sending your cat out into the wild! We mean using their natural instincts and some clever tricks to get them moving and mentally stimulated while they chow down.

One idea is to grab some old cardboard shipping boxes and turn them into treat puzzles. Cut some holes or leave them open and let your cat “fish” out their food. Mix it up by using boxes of different sizes and shapes to keep them on their paws.

Another way to get your cat hunting is by scattering their kibble around their favorite climbing spots or cat tunnels. This way, they have to go on a little adventure to find their food instead of just eating from a boring old dish.

Even if your cat is a wet food fan, there’s still a way to make mealtime a hunt. Use food-safe molds or food storage containers to hold small portions of food and hide them around your apartment or townhome. Or, you can try the Doc & Phoebe Wet Feeder. It’s designed to slow down cats that eat too fast, but it also forces your cat to work for their food.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep your cat’s hunting skills sharp by increasing the difficulty of their puzzles over time. And, of course, keep an eye on them while they’re “hunting” to make sure they’re finding all their food and getting enough to eat.

Let’s make mealtime a little more interesting for our feline friends!

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