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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Diagram showing how to fold a fitted sheet

August 2022


It’s probably the trickiest maneuver of all when it comes to laundry. Most people just roll or awkwardly fold their fitted sheets into an odd jumble. Some even stuff them into a pillowcase. While that works, it means their sheets end up taking more space when stored, don’t stack well with other bedding, and become wrinkled.

There actually is proper way to fold a fitted sheet… and we promise you can do it.

Step One

Lay your fitted sheet flat on a large surface like a bed, table, or clean floor. Have the side with the elastic band facing up.

Step Two

Next, turn the two bottom corners inside out and bring them up toward the top two corners, tucking them inside the elastic band. Match the top and bottom corner seams creating a rectangle.

Step Three

Fold the left side of your rectangle onto the right side. Make sure the elastic edge is now hidden inside.

Step Four

Now fold the sheet into thirds, creating a long rectangle

Step Five

Finish up by folding the sheet into thirds again, this time forming a square.