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Good Things Happen When Kids Care For Cats

Young boy holding a cat

November 2020

At Erie Station Village, we love cats. They aren’t just good company, they can help your children to learn responsibility, improve their motor skills, and feel they’re contributing to your household in meaningful ways. The key to success is to start slowly, with one job at a time. Giving too many responsibilities at once can have a negative effect; causing your child to resent your cat or feel unsuccessful. Here are 4 simple jobs that most kids can manage and benefit from.


Pick a set time each day for your child to put out or refill your cat’s food. It may help to set an alarm to help them remember. You’ll also need teach them about measuring out the correct amount. If your cat eats canned food, you’ll have to take care of opening the can, but let your child do the rest. This is also a good time for them to give your cat fresh water.

Play Time

While playing with your cat is all about having fun, it also provides them with exercise and mental stimulation. Knowing that kids are experts at play, this is the perfect job for them. Just like feeding, schedule it for a specific time each day. And while you probably know what forms of play interest your cat the most, encourage your child to experiment. Chances are, they’ll discover some new toys or games you never would have thought of.


While cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves each day, they could use help removing the hair that falls out. This helps prevent hair balls from developing in their stomachs. With a little instruction from you, your child can learn to brush your cat. And if they’re too young to effectively manage a brush, try a grooming mitten.

Litter Box

Those two words can make just about any cat owner cringe. While cleaning the litter box may be your least favorite task, it can easily be managed by any five-year-old. Since kids can make a game out of just about anything, they might even enjoy it.

If you’re thinking of getting a cat, reach out to our leasing office at 585-334-6870 or to learn more about our pet-friendly policies.