Scenic Erie Station Village

EV Charging Etiquette

Electric vehicle charging station at Erie Station Village. Image Credit: Peter Infante

July 2022


More people are switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric. If you’ve ever thought about getting an EV, you should know that Erie Station Village has several charging stations just off Hendrix Road. And if you’re new to the world of electric vehicles, you should also know there’s an etiquette to using charging stations. That’s because unlike filling your gas tank at a station, charging an EV takes a bit more time. That means sharing charging facilities with others and following these four simple rules.

Don’t Squat

Don’t be the EV driver who treats a charging station as a personal all-day parking spot. EV charging stations are for charging, not parking. Know your vehicle and how long charging takes, then set an alarm on your phone to remind you it’s time to move your vehicle.

Don’t Unplug Others Without Permission

it’s never okay to unplug another’s vehicle, unless the owner has left a note or sign giving permission to do so. You can now buy small placards that hang on the charger to let other drivers know they have permission to unplug your car. Some even include space to write down what time your charge should be finished.

Don’t Always Charge to 100%

Most EVs slow down the charging rate of a fast charge once the batteries reach 80%. If you’re in an area with a high demand for chargers, consider wrapping up your charging session once you hit 80%.

Put the Connector Back

Placing the connector securely in the charger holster when you’re finished helps prevent damage to the connector and eliminates a tripping hazard for other EV drivers.