Area Activity Guide: The Humans at Geva

Pull up a chair.

Want to get real about what a family Thanksgiving is really about? The Humans, running February 19th through March 17th at Geva, gives you a seat (thankfully not at the table) from which to eavesdrop on a not-so-happy family before, during, and after their meal. Being human (and dysfunctional), the members of this working-class Catholic family trot out all the things we all know not to – medical issues, financial struggles, religion, and what’s going on with grandma. By doing so, the characters in this one-act play lay out a spread of all that’s wrong for the American middle-class today. It’s a feast of expert characterization, subtle humor, and harsh realities. This funny, intimate, and heart-tugging play was hailed on Broadway two seasons ago and is the Winner of four 2016 Tony Awards, including ‘Best Play.’

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