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Using Mirrors in Your Décor

Large mirror leaning against the wall of a living room. Photo credit: Polina Kovaleva

July 2021


When you think about hanging a mirror in your apartment, it’s usually for the purpose of checking out how you look. That’s why most people only place them in their bedroom, bathroom, or maybe near an entry door. But mirrors can play an important role in the decor of any room. Here are some ideas and considerations for to think about when using mirrors as an element of your décor.

Creating Space

Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space. A large mirror will create the illusion of depth and make any room feel bigger than it really is. This makes mirrors great for small rooms and narrow spots such as hallways. In some situations, a large enough mirror can even be placed on the floor and leaned against the wall.

Reflecting Light

A mirror is meant to reflect, so positioning one on a wall that’s adjacent to a window can help bring more natural light into a room. On a nice sunny day, that can really brighten up the mood of a room.

Reflecting Other Things

When choosing where to hang a mirror, consider what is across from it. When a mirror reflects an important piece of art or furniture, that’s a good thing. When it reflects something less attractive, you should try to find an alternative spot for your mirror.

Style Statements

Like a piece of art, a mirror is an opportunity to elevate the look of a room. A mirror with no frame, or a simple frame, will tend to blend in and match everything else. A mirror with a large or bold frame can be used to introduce a new color or act as a focal point for a room.

Proper Hanging

Because of the thickness of most glass used in mirrors, they can be heavier than other things you’d hang on your walls. Typically, a nail hammered into the wall won’t cut it. Be sure to use proper wall hooks or picture hangers. After all, who wants 7 years bad luck?