Tips for a Happy and Peaceful Apartment

We spend a lot of time in our homes. For many people, their apartment is their safe space, their escape from the pressures and demands of life. Do you feel like you can take a deep breath when you walk into your apartment or do you find yourself more stressed and anxious? Whether your space is already Zen, or in major need of clarity, the following 10 tips are small changes and habits you can enact to help bring more happiness and peace into your home.

1. Put a glass of water on your bedside table at night.

Start each day with a glass of water. Put a glass of water on your bedside table at night so it’s in plain sight when you get up in the morning. Among its countless benefits, water helps regulate the body, cushion joints, and improve health issues like allergies. It’s also a natural boost of energy in the morning.

2. Make your bed every morning.

Take an extra minute or two to make your bed every morning. Studies show that 71% of people who make their bed daily report being happier. This small task will quickly tidy up your space and help you feel happy and more organized.

3. Set a daily mantra.

Focusing on a mantra can help clear a cluttered mind and calm your nervous system. Choose a daily mantra, like “progress, not perfection,” and recite it often to help shape your day. Write it down on a post-it note or on your bathroom mirror as a reminder.

4. Utilize the natural light in your space.

Sunlight has a drastic impact on your mood and can affect your lifestyle. Take advantage of the windows in your apartment and let in the natural light. Position mirrors across from windows to better reflect the light in your space.

5. Schedule time each day to journal.

Find a comfortable place in your home where you can journal for 15 minutes each day. Journaling is a great tool to help you meet your goals, become more mindful and in tune with your emotions, and ultimately improve your quality of life. Pouring out your heart and thoughts on paper can lead to fewer intrusive thoughts, giving you more mental space to be present and at peace.

6. Display photos that motivate and inspire you.

Photos can be a sweet and positive reminder of the people, places, and activities you love. In addition to the artwork on your walls, go through the photos on your phone and pick a few favorites to print and display in your apartment. Filling your home with loving and warm memories will elevate your mood every time you see them.

7. Add some feng shui to your apartment.

Feng shui is a practice that encourages people to build their environment based on the principles of the natural world. One way to feng shui your space is by incorporating the five elements (Earth, metal, water, wood, and fire) into your home in some way. Using all five elements mimics the balance and harmony found in nature.

8. Reduce clutter.

A cluttered space can cause unneeded stress, anxiety, and tension. To help reduce anxiety and create a peaceful environment, remove unused and unwanted items in your home. Let go of clothing you haven’t worn in the past year and give old books and toys a new home. Sell items online, gift them to friends and family, or donate them.

9. Set work boundaries.

Create a no-work zone in your apartment to allow yourself a break from the demands, distractions, and deadlines of your job. To avoid burnout from working too much, set boundaries in your space. Turn off email notifications and allow yourself the space and time to unwind and decompress at home.

10. Unplug from your devices from time to time.

Designate periods of time throughout the day to unplug from your devices. While our screens help us learn, grow, and work, they are also linked to anxiety and depression. Try avoiding them while you’re getting ready for the day and preparing to go to bed. Give yourself some time each day to step away from the screens, be present, and lead a more happy and peaceful life.