Three Fun Games to Help You Enjoy the Pool

Erie Station Village In-Ground Pool

Erie Station Village’s gorgeous in-ground pool


Have you been enjoying the Erie Station Village in-ground pool? It’s the perfect place to cool off, bask in the sun, and mingle with your neighbors. And if you have little ones that you need to keep entertained, here are three classic pool games that require no equipment to enjoy…

Sharks and Minnows

While this game is sometimes played on land, it’s best in the water. One player is chosen to be the shark and the remaining players are minnows. Begin with the shark at the midpoint of the pool and all the minnows along the same edge. The shark calls out “Sharks and minnows, one, two, three. Fishies, fishies come to me!” The minnows try to swim to the other side of the pool without getting tagged by the shark. Any who do become sharks and the game continues. The last remaining minnow is the winner.

Crazy Hair

One thing about getting your hair wet is that it makes it easy to shape it into all sorts of odd styles. Whether its flipped forward to cover your face or pushed up into a Mohawk, this game is all about creativity. Have the swimmers briefly lower their heads below water and shape their hairdos as they come up. You just need a judge to pick the winner.

Marco Polo

Chances are you’ve played this one before, but here’s a short refresher. The player that’s “it” will close his or her eyes and call out “Marco” while the other swimmers call out “Polo” in response. “Marco” will try to find the other players based on their voices, and whoever gets tagged first is it.


It won’t be long before summer is over, so make sure you make the most of what is one of Erie Station Village’s best amenities…our pool!