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Fall Back in Love With Your Apartment

Woman on her couch smiling.

November 2022


Remember the first few months in your apartment or townhome. It felt new, exciting, and special. Over time, you settled in and got comfortable, but it might have lost that spark. The good news is that there are some small, simple things you can do to fall in love all over again.

Rearrange the Furniture

It’s rare that a room forces you to arrange your furniture in one specific way, so mix things up! You can rearrange everything, or just swap the placement of a couple of chairs. It will feel disorienting for the first few weeks, but that’s the whole idea.

Clear the Clutter

Way back when you moved in and were fully unpacked, there probably wasn’t any clutter in your place. No one can live anywhere for long and not have some clutter creep in. Donate the things you never use and put away the things you do. Just spending a couple of hours on decluttering can bring your place back to that just-moved-in state.

Fix or Replace

The coffeemaker that’s on the fritz, the work desk that doesn’t get enough light, the laundry hamper with a broken wheel are all examples of small things we put up with day after day. Call it death by a thousand cuts, and it’s those little things that can make you frustrated and unhappy. Make a list, deal with them one by one, and you’ll enjoy your home much more.

Introduce a Signature Piece

What’s a signature piece? It’s that one piece of décor that grabs your attention the second you walk into a room. It could be a unique poster on your living room wall, throw pillows that introduce a bold color into the mix, or a brightly patterned duvet or comforter on your bed.

Invite People Over

If you’re the only one that ever sees your apartment or townhome, you’re not going to care about it as much. Everyone puts a little more effort into how their place looks when they know they’re going to have guests. Not to mention, hearing the things your friends say about your place when they’re there can give you an appreciation for things you might be taking for granted.

Go Green

Unless your apartment is already full of plants, try adding some. There’s something about green, living things that brings life to a space. And if you’ve never had good luck with plants, there are plenty of hard-to-kill varieties out there. They will not only brighten the mood, but also make the air healthier.