Area Activity Guide: The Diary of Anne Frank

Authentically Anne Frank

To prepare for Geva’s upcoming co-production with Arizona Theatre Company, the actors and director took a deep dive into the history behind “The Diary of Anne Frank.” The Anne Frank House, the National Holocaust Museum, and the first-hand accounts of local Holocaust survivors all informed the performance that will unfold on the Wilson stage February 18th through March 18th. This new adaptation is authentic to the realities of history and of Anne’s own words. Components of the story that were omitted from earlier productions are retained to portray a complex and complete person — who happens to be a teenage girl. Perhaps you already know the story. Still, it’s important — especially in turbulent times such as these — to be reminded of the common bonds of humanity, as well as of the dangers inherent to accepting a worldview which relegates any member of the human family to a status of “less than.”

Beyond the Show

This particular run of “The Diary of Anne Frank” is both an enriching experience — and enriched with additional experiences. After select performances, a post-show discussion will feature a survivor who will share their story and invite questions from the audience. You can catch a unique version of the play, performed by Pittsford Mendon High School students, on the Wilson stage on March 15. These young actors have been shadowing professional theater artists and working on the show through Geva’s Stage Door Project. To prepare for your theater experience or to learn more after the curtain falls, visit the Rochester Survivor Archives Website, which tells the stories of and features interviews with Holocaust survivors who settled in the local area.