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5 Cleaning Habits You Should Stop

Woman changing a vacuum cleaner bag. Image credit: Cottonbro

April 2022


If you ever feel bad for not cleaning your apartment or townhome, here are 5 cleaning habits you can feel good about not doing. Some are shortcuts that can make things worse in the long term. Some are bad for the environment or your health. And some are just a waste of money.

Using Too Much Product

It’s easy to think that if a little cleaner works, a lot works even better. But applying too much product can cause all sorts of issues. It can make it harder for harsh chemicals to be rinsed away. In the case of laundry detergent, it can damage clothes or require an extra rinse cycle. Overall, it’s just a waste of money. Start with the recommended amount of product and only increase if that doesn’t do the job.

Ignoring Product Directions

Label directions don’t just help you judge how much product you use, they can save you from inadvertently damaging rugs, fabrics, clothes, or anything you’re cleaning. Directions also provide information for protecting your health – from wearing gloves to making sure there is adequate air circulation.

Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

We should first say that having the right tools makes any cleaning job easier. But once you have the right tools, be sure to avoid using them when they’re dirty. Cleaning isn’t fun, so we often just store cleaning supplies the second we’re done. But it’s important to take a minute to clean things like sponges, rags, and mops. It will make your next cleaning day more efficient and avoid the growth of germs and bacteria on your tools. And don’t forget to change your vacuum cleaner bag (or empty bagless canisters) regularly to help your vacuum work more efficiently and last longer.

Make Cleaning Room-Based

Many people take a task-based approach to cleaning. They may do all their vacuuming one day, clean sinks another day, and dust a different day. The result is that no room in your apartment is ever fully clean. And some cleaning tasks, like dusting, can actually make other areas dirtier. Instead, take one room at a time can clean it top-down. Start with dusting and end with vacuuming.

Stretching Disinfectant Wipes

Since the pandemic, many people have begun using disinfectant wipes for cleaning. While that’s a great way to stop the spread of any cold or flu germs, people often try to get too much from one wipe. For example, thinking you can disinfect an entire bathroom with a single wipe. If a wipe no longer leaves the surface you’re cleaning wet, grab a new one. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and pushing around germs.